RomiRomi uses physical, emotional, and spiritual vital points that work directly with whatever is arising for you ~ This means your session will be a different experience from another person.

When energy is released and moved, your energetic bodies begin to align in support of your full body temple.♥ You may be experiencing some physical pain.
♥ You may be looking to move some emotional stagnancy.
♥ You may have trauma patterns housed in your body.
♥ You may already be working deeply with spiritual practices and feel there is a deeper level available to you.
♥ You may need grounding.
♥ You may have a sense there is a different way to live life.
♥ Or you may be beginning your spiritual path and looking for tools to undertake the next energetic shift in your life.

This healing arts practice arises from my lineage, from training, from source, and has been honed and developed based on first-hand lived experience. As well as constant feedback and engagement with my clients and their experiences.

♥ This work shifts energy at a deep level. ♥

“The unique alchemy and wisdom Gabrielle uses in her session with you is so unbelievably powerful.”
Bek Tomarchio

 “I have cleared a lot of past traumas that have held me back in life.”
♥ Hannah Patu  

What she created for me was touching and transformational.”
♥ Alison Braithwaite, Lead by Nature Coach

“Working with Gabrielle has been a life changing experience for me. Through these sessions I have found a true connection to spirit that I have been unable to experience anywhere else.”
Timothy Smith

“The sales in my Etsy shop started rolling in during our time together and immediately after it was one of my most profitable weeks in my online shop.”
♥ Alauna Whelan, Sacred Space – Sacred Adornment

“I allowed the tears to flow through me and the stories to just be. I allowed my body to heal and love to sit in my womb again”
Jarna Saunders ~ Courageous Woman and Personal Coach(You can see more here)

Words are not sufficient to share how grateful I am to all my tipuna ~ ancestors, teachers and kaitiaki ~ guides for opening my mind, body, and heart to this wisdom.

Most photo credit goes to Franchesca Walker- Smashed Avo Photos.